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20 Years of Expertise in Vinyl Plank Flooring Installation Services

white vinyl plank flooring installation white laminate flooring


White vinyl plank flooring installation offers a fresh, clean, and modern aesthetic to any space, creating a bright and expansive ambiance. The easy maintenance and water resistance of vinyl, along with its cost-effectiveness, make it a practical choice for both residential and commercial settings. Elevate the look of your home or business with the elegant appeal of white vinyl plank flooring from DE ARMAS WOOD FLOORS. Contact us today to embark on a journey toward a stunning flooring transformation. CALL NOW!

natural vinyl plank flooring installation


Natural vinyl plank flooring installation offers an authentic wood look, bringing the beauty and warmth of nature into your space without the high maintenance of real wood. Its durability, water resistance, and ease of cleaning make it a practical choice for both residential and commercial settings. Transform your flooring with the realistic charm of natural vinyl planks from DE ARMAS WOOD FLOORS. Reach out to us today and let's infuse your space with enduring elegance and functionality!

grey laminate flooring installation


Grey vinyl plank flooring installation brings a contemporary, sleek ambiance to any space, embodying a neutral yet stylish aesthetic that pairs well with various decor styles. The durability, water resistance, and easy maintenance of vinyl flooring, along with its cost-effectiveness, make it a highly appealing choice. Seize the opportunity to modernize your space with grey vinyl plank flooring from DE ARMAS WOOD FLOORS. Reach out to us, and let's transform your flooring into a modern masterpiece. CALL TODAY!

black vinyl plank flooring installation wide laminate flooring


Black vinyl plank flooring installation embodies a bold, sophisticated aesthetic, making a striking statement in any room. The enduring durability, ease of maintenance, and water resistance of vinyl flooring make it a smart choice for modern living. Unveil a chic, contemporary ambiance in your space with black vinyl plank flooring from DE ARMAS WOOD FLOORS. Get in touch with us, and let's craft a captivating foundation for your interior decor. CONTACT OUR TEAM TODAY!

brown laminate flooring installation


Brown vinyl plank flooring installation encapsulates a warm, natural aesthetic, mirroring the classic appeal of hardwood while offering a more budget-friendly and low-maintenance alternative. Its durability against wear and tear, water resistance, and ease of cleaning make it a practical choice for active households or commercial spaces. Immerse your space in the timeless charm of brown vinyl plank flooring with DE ARMAS WOOD FLOORS. Contact us today to explore a flooring solution that melds elegance with practicality!

beige vinyl plank flooring installation natural laminate flooring


Beige vinyl plank flooring installation offers a neutral, warm, and inviting foundation that effortlessly complements a variety of interior design styles. The inherent durability, water resistance, and low maintenance nature of vinyl flooring make it a practical and appealing choice for many homeowners. Step into a world of cozy elegance with beige vinyl plank flooring from DE ARMAS WOOD FLOORS. Contact us today, and let's curate a comforting and stylish atmosphere in your home!




Is there a difference between vinyl plank and luxury vinyl plank?

Yes, there is a notable difference between standard vinyl plank and luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring. Vinyl plank flooring offers a cost-effective solution with a reasonable likeness to natural materials, providing a practical choice for budget-conscious projects. On the flip side, luxury vinyl plank flooring elevates the game with a higher degree of realism in mimicking wood or stone textures, achieved through advanced imaging technology and a thicker wear layer, which also contributes to its longevity and durability. Furthermore, LVP often boasts additional features like enhanced water resistance or waterproof cores. As you contemplate the right flooring choice, consider reaching out to DE ARMAS WOOD FLOORS, where we can guide you through the selections to meet your aesthetic desires and budgetary needs. CALL TODAY!

Should I install laminate or luxury vinyl plank?

The choice between laminate and luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring hinges on your specific needs and the conditions of your space. Laminate flooring is known for its durable surface, realistic wood-look designs, and generally lower cost compared to LVP. It's a good choice for areas with less moisture exposure. On the other hand, luxury vinyl plank flooring excels in areas prone to moisture and spills due to its water-resistant or often waterproof properties, and it also provides a softer and warmer feel underfoot. LVP tends to be more expensive but offers superior performance in challenging conditions. To make an informed decision and ensure a professional installation, consider consulting with the experts at DE ARMAS WOOD FLOORS, who can provide insightful recommendations based on your specific circumstances and budget.

Do high-end homes use luxury vinyl plank flooring?

Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring has indeed found its way into high-end homes, thanks to its high-quality aesthetics and functionality. The advanced imaging technology used in LVP allows for a very realistic mimicry of natural materials like hardwood or stone, which appeals to homeowners desiring a luxurious look without the maintenance demands of natural materials. Additionally, LVP offers superior water resistance or waterproof features, making it a practical choice for high-end kitchens, bathrooms, or other areas prone to moisture. When aiming for a blend of luxury, practicality, and durability, engaging with a reputable flooring service like DE ARMAS WOOD FLOORS can help ensure a premium LVP installation that enhances the opulence and comfort of your home. CALL NOW!

What is the average cost to install luxury vinyl plank flooring?

The cost to install luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring can vary considerably based on several factors including the quality of the material, the complexity of the installation, and geographic location. Typically, LVP flooring itself ranges in price based on its design and quality features, and when factoring in labor costs, the total can add up. The labor cost might also be influenced by the condition of the subfloor, the layout of the space, and any additional services required such as removal of old flooring. For a precise and transparent quote tailored to your specific project, reaching out to DE ARMAS WOOD FLOORS can provide you with a clear understanding of the costs involved in installing luxury vinyl plank flooring in your space. Get in contact with our team and schedule your FREE IN-HOME ESTIMATE!

Do you have to remove all furniture to install vinyl plank flooring?

Some professional installation teams are adept at working around furniture, especially in larger spaces or when there are only a few pieces. They may shift furniture to one side of the room, install the flooring on the cleared side, then move the furniture onto the newly installed flooring and continue with the installation on the other side. However, the process can be more time-consuming and may pose a risk of damage to the furniture or the new vinyl plank flooring. Engaging with a reputable flooring installation service like DE ARMAS WOOD FLOORS can provide personalized advice and solutions regarding furniture management during the flooring installation process, ensuring a satisfactory outcome.

Can vinyl plank flooring be taken up and reinstalled?

Vinyl plank flooring, especially the types that are designed with a click-lock system, can technically be taken up and reinstalled. However, the process can be quite delicate and challenging as there's a risk of damaging the locking systems or the planks themselves during the disassembly and reassembly process. Moreover, the condition of the subfloor at the new installation site will significantly impact the success of the reinstallation. It's advisable to consult with or hire a professional flooring installer from DE ARMAS WOOD FLOORS to assess the feasibility and to ensure a successful reinstallation of the vinyl plank flooring, minimizing any potential damage and ensuring a properly laid floor.

How much does it cost to put vinyl flooring in a 12x12 room?

The cost to install vinyl flooring in a 12x12 room can be influenced by several factors including the type of vinyl flooring chosen (sheet, plank, or tile), the quality of the material, and the labor rates in your area. The price of vinyl flooring can vary widely based on its quality and style, with luxury vinyl plank generally costing more than standard vinyl sheet or tiles. Labor costs will also play a significant role in the total cost, and may include charges for subfloor preparation, old flooring removal, and the installation itself. For a clear understanding of the costs you might incur, it's advisable to obtain a quote from a reputable flooring service like DE ARMAS WOOD FLOORS, which can provide a transparent breakdown of the costs associated with installing vinyl flooring in your specific space. Get in contact with our professional flooring installation team and schedule your FREE IN-HOME ESTIMATE!

Should I remove trim before installing vinyl plank flooring?

Removing the trim before installing vinyl plank flooring is generally recommended for a professional and clean finish. By removing the trim, you allow the flooring to be installed as close to the walls as possible, which helps in achieving a neat appearance. This process aids in managing the crucial expansion gap, a small space left between the flooring and the wall to accommodate the natural expansion and contraction of the vinyl material with changes in temperature and humidity. Once the flooring is installed, the trim can be reattached to cover the expansion gap, ensuring a polished look and protecting the edges of the flooring. If the process of removing and reattaching trim seems daunting, considering professional services like DE ARMAS WOOD FLOORS can ensure a meticulous installation and a refined final look for your vinyl plank flooring project.


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